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The 21Brains Sourcing App

A professional buyer's best friend during trade shows or factory visits

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Fast Note Taking

Whatever interesting product or supplier you see, hit the PLUS-button to describe it digitally. Hit the camera-icon to directly take pictures for your new product. With the powerful search function, you can find back all your previous notes. Just hit the search-icon.

Finally, you can forget about your paper notebook!

Specialized for Buyers

As a buyer, you need to remember the product and supplier details at the same time. As well the incoterms of your buying price. 21Brains gives you all these options.

When you create a new product, your app automatically fills in the last used incoterm and project. Capturing new products hasn't been faster!

Bulk Export to Excel

As a buyer, you often need to make Excel files with the products and supplier you found. With 21Brains you just export a complete project with all the products to an Excel file, including nice thumbnail images.

In the project page, hit the Export Project-button, fill in an email address, and your app creates the bulk-excel file and mails it to you. No more time wasted making Excel files!

Smart Categorization

Organize your work according the projects you have to do, which you can completely export to Excel. Create and add tags to every product for extra categorization. Use the supplier and tags overview pages to find back all your products, or simple use the search function.

Every product and supplier you ever saw is right at your fingertips!


What is worse than losing all the work you've done? 21Brains has you covered. Your app instantly backs up all your work, keeping it safe for you in the cloud. And everything that is synced, can be exported to Excel

Incredible Timesaver

The 21Brains Sourcing App allows you to get ahead of your schedule. Visit all the tradeshows and factories you like. Capture all the products and suppliers you see digitally, and immediately share all the information with your customers and colleagues.

You focus on your work, 21Brains automates your manual work!

Stories from our Users

Best Friends with more than 5000 Buyers in 25 countries

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"It's a 'must-have' app when you go to any show."

John O'Grady
Found Limited


Hanneke de Jong
Ten Accessories


"It saves me a lot of time during and after my inspiration trips."

"I've been waiting for this app for years..

I can't wait to use it again on my next sourcing trip!"

Folkert Trijzelaar
We Can Make It B.V.

The Netherlands

Camilo Calderon


"I've been using the app for a while and it's awewome.

It makes my work so much easier."